If I want to study how the relationship between teachers and students affect the quality of learning, I would conduct my study in a classroom. I would conduct a structured observation to observe the interactions between students and teachers, after categorizing the relationship, i would look at students’ marks.  The reason i would choose this observational method is because my goal is to see how quality of learning is affected by the relationship between students and teachers. I am only determined to observe some behaviors, instead of all.

The strengths of using naturalistic observation is that it provides ecological validity. The teacher and students will behave more naturally under the environment. This is better for researcher to observe the more accurate relationship between teachers and students. However, there is also risk that the students or teacher might react to being observed. Especially if the groups of students being observed is under stress and etc. This can even led to bias in the result (in the interaction with teacher, the quality of learning being affected by the fact they are being observed).