1. What could be the reason for choosing a thematic analysis of the interviews:
    • to examine the reason in which the heterosexual woman and homosexual man develops positive friendships.
  2. What is the advantage of making a verbatim transcript:
    • to evaluate each participants’ responses carefully: the verbatim transcript allows the researchers to look at their responses repeatedly.
  3. Why do you think the researcher revealed in the research report that she was a heterosexual women who had a friendship with a gay man
    • in order to maintain credibility and also to take possible bias into account.
  4. How did the researcher address issues of credibility
    • reveals any potential factors that might influence the interpretation of the data.
  5. How did the researcher address the issues of trustworthiness
    • she checks with other researchers to confirm that her analysis is grounded in the data.
  6. Is it possible to generalize the findings from this study? Why or why not?
    • yes, the results were quite consistent. It can be assumed that there is usually a positive relationships between heterosexual women and homosexual men due to various reasons (some are listed in page 364)