The Aversion Project 

The army psychiatrists shows no empathy or signs of treating the homosexual soldiers like human during the experiment. The ‘sex change’ therapy exemplifies the homophobic attitude in the 20th century. The study was unethical because it does not treat the soldiers equally as human and does not respect their sexuality. With the horrible therapies such as chemical castration, shock therapy and other unethical medical experiments, the homosexual soldiers experienced horrific treatment just because of gender they chose to love.

After reading the Course Companion E-text, my judgement still stands. The Aversion Project is unethical due to several reasons: it caused physical and mental harm to the participants, it was forced conducted therefore the experiment had no consent, and the participants cannot withdraw when they want to.

I believe sometimes it is necessary to place the defense of the country above the defense of an individual’s human rights in some cases. However, as a whole, individual human rights should always be a priority unless he/she is a danger to national defense or to a bigger scale. I understand that this is unethical yet I do not think protecting an individual’s human rights should be prior to protecting a nation’s safety.

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