As phone evolves to fit people’s interests better and better, ultimately becoming the ‘smart phone’ and develops various apps to fit for the goal of socializing, people are more addicted to this small technology and has become more dumb. Although one of the main reason for this addiction is because of the massive database online and it might seem ‘smarter’ if one could just get the answer to a question in a second through searching in this database, the fact is that now people tend to copy directly from the resource instead of analyzing it.

Dividing the human intellect into two aspects: fluid and crystalized intelligence. Fluid intelligence is the ability process and solve complex questions while crystalized intelligence refers to not the ability to gather information but what we actually knows.  The development of social media leads to the massive database online is always available to use, in consequence, people nowadays knows more about where to find information instead of storing information. This lack of productivity can leads to the decrease of crystalized intelligence, thus making people more stupid.

In conclusion, the excessive use of social media has a heavy influence on people’s intelligence, and fertilizes people’s tendency to copy the information in front of them instead of analyze it.

Reference: Is Technology Making Us More Stupid (and smarter?)